Angry Birds Under Pressure VR


Join best frenemies Red and Leonard on an epic underwater treasure hunt!. In VR! Grab and throw anything with your Magnashot - including your crew! On TV! Up to three crew players team up to keep the sub afloat across 30 levels!

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image for The Story So Far
image for The Story So Far

The Story So Far

In The Angry Birds Movie 2, the birds and piggies team up when a new island is discovered - Eagle Island! Travelling under the sea in a gigantic piggy submarine, the team prepare to infiltrate the Eagles and face this new threat.

The game takes place during this voyage, as Leonard and scientist Garry deploy a minisub to claim the treasures of the deep on the way. Crewed by playable characters Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver, Courtney and Piggy, the minisub is diverted by its captain, Leonard, who has an ulterior motive - to recover his old crown from the sunken wreck of his flagship, as seen in the first Angry Birds Movie! All is going well until the team discover that the crown has been stolen by the Fish King! Just how far will Leonard go to recover his favourite crown?


image for Sync Up Or Sink Down!
image for Sync Up Or Sink Down!

Sync Up Or Sink Down!

To obtain the treasures of the deep, teamwork is required. In this unique VR / TV hybrid, the submarine’s captain plays in VR, using their Magnashot slingshot to suck up and throw objects and crew members, and grabbing treasure with plungers shot from the sub. The crew team up on a single TV screen, crafting ammo, repairing machines, and storing treasure as the captain brings it in. 

But the ocean is a dangerous place! If the crew can craft them fast enough, the captain can use torpedoes to defend the ship from marine hazards including rockfalls and giant tentacles. And the piggy pirates who used to own the sunken treasure weren’t stupid, booby-trapping treasure chests with explosive surprises. If the crew can’t thrown that ticking TNT into the furnace in team, the whole team will be weeping with the fishes.

image for Gameplay For Everyone
image for Gameplay For Everyone

Gameplay For Everyone

It is XR Games’ mission to help bring VR to as many players as possible. The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure VR is designed to help PS VR owners onboard their friends and family into VR play. Introduce other players to the game on the social screen and help them learn using the captain’s superior powers. Then, when everyone knows how to play, swap in a new captain so they can experience the colourful underwater world and enjoy all the pressures of being in charge!

Under 12s should not use the PSVR headset - but they can help their team by playing the crew mode, on TV. But don’t think the game is easy, just because it’s for everyone - challenge mode presents a whole new version of the story mode, especially for expert players. Up to three crew can play with a captain, or, if you don’t have a crew to hand, one player can switch between Leonard and Red, alternating between captain and crew duties from inside the headset.

“One of the best couch co-op VR games available”

PSVR World


image for Asymmetric Innovation
image for Asymmetric Innovation

Asymmetric Innovation

Enjoy the next phase in both multiplayer VR and couch co-op gaming. The asymmetry of the captain and crew roles gives the game a unique feel: the captain has more information and more power to interact with the game world, but the crew can do things that the captain can’t, and have the weight of numbers. Don’t play the blame game! Or, you know, do, then swap roles to see if you can do better. Who is the best captain in your team? It’s a test of leadership as well as teamwork, so batten down the hatches and dive to survive - under pressure!

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